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In the fall of 2020, I received a letter from a new professor at my school, a graduate who had just returned from the United Kingdom, about the “new” faculty at her alma mater.

Her name was Mary Beth Gersh, and she was the first person I’d met at the school in a decade.

I’d learned that the university was transitioning its curriculum to a new, more progressive approach to gender identity.

“I have heard of a few cases of students transitioning to female, but none of them have ever reported that they felt comfortable at a school with a transgender student,” she wrote.

“There is not one single transgender person at this university.

And even though it is my privilege to have the ability to make that decision for you, I am afraid that you will find that it is not what you expect from a college.”

In my rush to meet her, I had not yet realized how much the letter would change the way I approached my work, or the way my colleagues and students perceived my gender.

Gersch had a good point.

As a trans woman, I was not yet comfortable with how we were treated in our gender identity, and I felt unsafe.

I also wanted to be able to talk openly about my gender identity with my colleagues, especially as we had transitioned from male to female.

And the first time I saw a professor who could provide both of those things was Mary Erskine-Hayes, the dean of the Graduate School.

The letter she received was not the first from Gersches faculty.

The institution had been undergoing a major transformation, one that was changing its culture and values in ways I had never expected.

When I asked Gersher what it meant to have a transgender faculty member, she told me that it meant “the faculty are willing to be honest with us about our identities and our experiences.”

And it was not just a statement about the university’s new gender identity policies, but also about how it was changing the way the faculty treated transgender students.

After decades of discrimination and harassment, transgender people were increasingly being accepted by society and faculty alike.

The transition of this era had been a transformative one, and transgender people began to take notice.

The faculty, the community, and the university all began to feel like we were part of a cohesive group, and that the transition was a positive experience.

For the first few years, this felt good.

For me, though, the transition to a more inclusive university was difficult.

I was still learning the ropes of how to be a trans student, and there was still a lot to learn about gender.

In my second year of teaching, I decided that I was ready for the transition.

When the school’s gender transition policy was released, I thought, “What do I do now?

Am I going to be part of the transition?

Do I have to be?”

I knew that I had no control over what would happen to me.

I still had to take part in everything the school did in my name.

I had to have my student ID and my faculty email address.

I would need to keep in touch with my students to keep track of their schedules and their assignments.

But the transition had opened up new opportunities for me.

My work was no longer about making my students comfortable, but about teaching them to be confident and self-assured in their identities.

I began to see the benefit of being a part of this transition, and began to make plans to transition at my own pace.

But as the year went on, my experience with my transition increased.

By the time I graduated from the school, I’d transitioned more than three times, and was beginning to feel comfortable being myself.

I started wearing makeup and had changed my name to “Lana” to make myself more identifiable.

I moved into a new apartment and started wearing clothes that were more revealing.

I learned to love my body.

I spent a lot of time taking care of myself.

The new climate in which I was living meant that I didn’t have to feel afraid of the world, and my work began to improve.

My first trans student The transition also allowed me to connect with the wider trans community, which had become more comfortable around me.

At first, I felt lonely, as the people I knew were different from me.

But I learned that, by connecting with others who had transitioned, I could be open about my experience and be more accepting of those who had not.

As I continued to experience more and more gender dysphoria, I began feeling more comfortable speaking about my experiences.

I became more confident and in control of my life.

As my life began to change, I discovered that my gender dysphoric friends were supportive.

I didn’st need to make a big deal of my transition to be happy, and when I did, I found a community that I could identify with.

I knew I was different

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