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In the coming weeks, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to announce new health standards for some medicines and other drugs, including the first official guidelines for how to use certain drugs.

But the agency isn’t expected to release them until mid-March, a spokesman told The Associated Press.

FDA officials are also expected to make final decisions on how to handle certain vaccines.

The agency is considering how to regulate the use of antibiotics in humans, as well as some drugs used for other purposes.

The FDA is also working on guidelines for the production of antibiotics and vaccines.

And the agency is reviewing a petition from a group of people who want to ban the sale of antibiotics to animals, which could potentially lead to a ban on animals being used to produce drugs.

In an interview with ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, President Donald Trump said the drug industry is a “major threat” to the health of Americans and should be regulated.

The new guidelines are part of the agency’s “pivot to drug safety” effort to prevent new illnesses and illnesses related to antibiotic use.

The drug industry has pushed back against the proposed guidelines, calling them “overreaching.”

The drug trade groups have said they want the FDA to stop using the term “antibiotic” to describe the drug and instead to refer to it as a “therapeutic agent.”

The trade groups also want the agency to stop defining the word “therapy” in its guidelines, which they say is vague.

But FDA spokesman Kevin Johnson said Monday the agency “doesn’t see a need” to change its guidelines.

He said it’s important to understand how antibiotics work, and that the guidelines are focused on preventing infections that have caused a serious illness.

“It’s not enough to say the drug is safe.

It’s important that we understand how it works, how it interacts with the body, how you can take it and how you should take it, how often you should be taking it and whether it will prevent the emergence of an infection in the body,” Johnson said.

He said the agency does not plan to change how the drug company is regulated.

He also said the guidelines do not apply to people who are using antibiotics for other reasons, like for disease prevention.

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