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When you have a friend who’s really sick, you may be wondering what to say when they ask how you’re doing.

But this advice can be very useful for those who’ve got a friend or loved one who needs help.

The letter is titled “What to say to someone who needs you” and was written by a woman who was diagnosed with cancer.

The woman had cancer and her husband had terminal illness.

The letter asked people who had a friend with cancer to share with her what they were doing to support them and their family.

She wrote: “I am not alone.

I have been reading a lot of books about cancer and the struggles and what it is like to live with this disease, and I feel so alone in the fact that my cancer is terminal and that I have to go to my dying brother for a lung transplant every four weeks.”

I have a very large family and I have two amazing kids, but I am the last one who has to be on the receiving end of this treatment and my children are just too young to understand the full extent of what it’s like.””

You’re the last person who needs to know this.

“She went on to ask people to do something for her friend, saying “please, help me.

Don’t let this get to your friends.

Tell them to tell their friends to do their bit, because I don’t want my friends to have to worry about how I am doing.

“You can tell them how they are doing, but please tell me, how are you doing?”

“Please tell me how you are doing!” she wrote.

“And please don’t tell me what you can do for me.”

She wrote that people need to remember that their friend “is not the only one who is suffering” and that “we are all going through this together”.

“I hope you’ll take this advice with you to all of your friends who are suffering and you don’t have to be alone.”

You can read the letter in full below.

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