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Biofortified food, or the creation of a biotechnology crop to prevent or treat certain diseases, is a controversial proposal that’s made its way through various congressional committees.

The US House of Representatives Science Committee, which oversees the Food and Drug Administration, has already heard testimony from scientists on the topic, and the Senate is scheduled to hold its first public hearing on the issue next week.

The biotech industry has spent the past several years pushing for its proposals to be included in legislation and is still lobbying Congress for its own.

That’s in part because of the billions of dollars the biotech industry spends lobbying Congress, according to The Hill.

Biosafety bills have been around for years and many have received strong bipartisan support.

For example, a biosecurity bill passed the House in 2013, but was shot down by the Senate.

But in March, the biotechnology industry pushed to get a bill passed in the Senate, with the goal of having a biotech crop that could be grown in the US.

Currently, there are more than 100 biotechnology crops on the market in the United States.

But as biotechnology has become more widely used, the biotech crop industry has focused its efforts on lobbying lawmakers.

The industry has poured millions of dollars into lobbying the federal government.

The push for biotechnology-related legislation came in response to the Food & Drug Administration’s decision to approve the use of a pesticide called thalidomide in children as a preventative measure against gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

This is a move that’s seen the approval of thalidomyces as a first step towards the regulation of other chemicals, and a measure that is seen by many as a move to give biotech companies more influence in how they are regulated.

The FDA’s decision has sparked concern from environmental groups and others who argue that the FDA’s approval of the pesticide could allow the chemical to be sold in the country without restrictions.

The drug’s use has been controversial since its first approval in 2007.

The biotechnology industries push for a ban on the pesticide has led to concerns that biotechnology could lead to widespread contamination.

For instance, one of the companies behind the thalidoma-fighting drug thalidome, Monsanto, is suing the FDA in an effort to get the agency to overturn the approval.

But the US Food and Chemical Administration said it had not received any evidence of contamination of the thiomersalide.

Biology and Molecular Biology Association president and CEO Steve Gage told the Washington Post that it is important for the public to understand the risks of using biotechnology.

He said that biotechnologies are being used to develop new medicines and new vaccines and to develop bio-engineered food and drugs, and that they should be considered safe.

The company also said that the proposed biotechnology regulations would result in a “catastrophic” impact on American jobs.

“Biotech companies and biotechs are already employing millions of Americans and this proposal will create a tsunami of new jobs that will put even more pressure on the middle class, said Gage.

The American Chemical Society is also pushing for biotech crops.

Its board recently approved a resolution that called for the industry to “provide clear, unequivocal, and public information about the health risks of biotechnology, including how they have been used to generate, produce, and/or sell biotechnology products, and why such safety information is important to the public and regulators.”

The resolution is scheduled for a vote in June.

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