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Hacker News has learned that Apple/Vodafone has been suing the UK’s telecoms regulator for more than two years over the way it regulates the data flows between the two companies.

Apple has been asking for the court order to be lifted, claiming that Vodafine is not an ‘information service provider’ under the Data Protection Act, and therefore the regulator should not be required to comply with it.

Apple is arguing that the regulator has not yet given it “clearly established” that the company is providing services that are essential to the provision of telecommunications services, and that it therefore is not subject to the Act.

Vodacom, which is owned by a US company called Liberty Media, is a subsidiary of Vodacode.

Voskhodin says that Apple is trying to “pile on” Vodas network data to the regulators burden.

“They are using the regulator to pressure them to lift a data protection order,” he said.

“The regulator should be able to protect consumers.”

Voskovskiy says the case is about how the regulator deals with the ‘unexpected’ data flows of a data centre.

“Apple is claiming that the data flow is a matter of national security, and the regulator is not a surveillance state, so the data must be exempted,” he says.

“And the regulator was not asked to act on that.”

He adds that Apple has no legal authority to demand data flows from Vodapro and Vodacoin, saying the court ruling is “a slap in the face to consumers.”

Apple is now seeking to have the case dismissed on the grounds that Voskovskys data flows are not essential to providing telecommunications services.

Voskhovskiy believes that the order is “an unreasonable interference with consumers’ privacy”.

He says that the court’s order is an “absolute waste of time”.

Apple has not commented on the case.

Vonslawskiy is an IT security researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

He has been researching and writing about data protection laws since 2009.

He was a regular contributor to the Hacker News Tech Radar.

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