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In a story published Sunday, the CBC News website described the CBC as the “premier of silence” for covering up the commission’s findings on the Canada-U.S. relationship in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The article says the CBC has made it clear to the commission and other Canadian organizations that it will not be covering up this important information.

But the story also notes that the CBC did not immediately respond to CBC News requests for comment about why it didn’t immediately publish its cover letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and why it chose not to publish a full-page, one-sentence apology to the CBC.

“The CBC has consistently and repeatedly denied any knowledge or involvement in any wrongdoing, either on its part or in the government of Canada,” the letter reads.

“We believe that our silence is justified, and that we have a duty to report on the commission, and to protect Canadians from its findings and recommendations.”

The CBC’s cover letter does not mention the commission.

“In an unprecedented move, we have chosen to keep the commission from publishing our full letter to you,” the document says.

“It has come as no surprise that this is the CBCs position, given that the public’s interest in this matter has been ignored.”

The letter was written in response to a request from CBC News for information about the commission that the broadcaster said it had been unable to obtain.

“I don’t want to speculate about the reasons why CBC chose to not publish its letter to us, but this is a situation we must deal with,” the CBC said in a statement to CBC.

The letter states that the commission had not given it “sufficient information to conclude that there was any wrongdoing or that any harm had been done.”

It says that “the CBC and its employees have worked diligently to ensure that no harm had occurred.”

In the letter, the commission said it has received numerous requests from the public for information on the case, and was “committed to delivering an answer to all questions that we are currently receiving.”

The commission said that it was “disappointed and disappointed” that the organization had chosen to not respond to the request for information.

“As we continue to receive requests for information from members of the public, we are committed to doing so and will continue to do so,” it said.

“However, as we have already provided to CBCs Board of Directors, we cannot give you an update on any progress we are making.”

The inquiry into the commission began in 2015.

It found the U.S.-Canada relationship had deteriorated dramatically following the Sept, 11, attacks and that the U,S.

was at war with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

In February, the federal government ordered an inquiry into what the commission would do with the evidence it collected.

The inquiry has since been dominated by questions about the timing of the commission releasing its report, which was supposed to be released in February, and whether the documents contained evidence that would support its conclusions.

It was also criticized for its lack of cooperation with the commission on a number of fronts, including by former prime minister Stephen Harper, who has publicly accused the commission of failing to follow its mandate.

“What we have got here is a commission that has no mandate to investigate the allegations against Canada and has a mandate to provide answers to questions,” Harper told CBC News in February.

“And that’s exactly what the Commission of Inquiry was designed to do.”

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