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With the announcement of the next generation of the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets this week, many are already questioning the company’s future and how it plans to expand its business.

Polygon recently spoke to Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe about the future of the company, the current state of development and how the company plans to change its business model moving forward.

Polygons cover letter to Oculus: With the Oculus Touch launch set for this month, you’re probably asking: What will Oculus Rift’s future hold?

The answer is that you will not be able to make money with your hardware from Oculus, but you will be able do so with the support of the community.

You can make a good living from your hardware, but your hardware has to be the best it can be to make that living.

So we have to make sure that it is.

That’s why we’re really committed to our ecosystem.

I can’t talk about how many people we have or what we’re doing, but we want to listen to you.

And we want you to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

What is your business model?

How does it work?

We’ve talked a lot about how we make money.

I will just say this: If you want to be in the gaming business, you should invest in your ecosystem.

You should invest.

You have to be a game developer.

If you’re not, you don’t have a business.

You’re not a gamer.

We have a game studio here, and we’re the only ones who make games.

So it’s our job to support the game developers.

We’re not going to go after you and shut you out.

So the way we’re going to do that is through our community.

And that means we have a community team, we have an SDK, we’ve got all of the tools we need to build the best experience possible.

We want to make games that people want to play, and that means making sure that people are getting the right game experience.

Are there other platforms where you can sell your game?

Yes, we are working with other platforms.

We’ll be working with developers on other platforms soon.

Will you be able sell Oculus Rift directly to consumers?

No, we don’t plan to do so.

It’s not about us.

The thing that we really need is that we have the best developer experience.

If we can get that, we can sell the Rift directly.

So what does that mean?

If you have an Oculus Rift, then you are a developer, you are doing the right thing, and if you can do that, then it’s a game you should play.

So yeah, we’ll be making games.

Will Oculus Rift be available on Android?


That was the one thing I think was missed.

We talked a little bit about Android.

But yeah, Oculus is going to be available through Google Play.

It will be on the Google Play Store.

And if you want the Oculus app on the phone, you will need to have an Android phone, because Oculus doesn’t support the Android platform.

What are the most exciting developments in the VR industry?

First of all, we’re working with our partners at Valve to make Valve’s SteamVR experience better.

And then we’re releasing the Oculus SDK.

That is going into the Google Store, and it will be available to everyone in a couple of weeks.

It also has a great library of games.

The only way you’re going play these games is by getting a game from Oculus.

You’ve got to get it on the Oculus store.

So Oculus will be coming to Google Play soon.

So, yes, we plan to make SteamVR better.

But SteamVR is coming in October, and then we’ll see where that goes.

Are we going to make all of our content on the PC?

That’s not going away, no.

And SteamVR will still be coming.

Are you going to release a SteamVR controller?

Yes and no.

We do have plans for SteamVR controllers.

It might be in a future update.

Will we see Oculus Touch?


We will make sure to bring the best content possible.

Will it be a standalone product?

Yes indeed.

Will I be able play a game with it?

We don’t want to do it.

We really want to have our customers play with us, so we’re not really thinking about the standalone platform.

Are your games coming to the PC as well?


We are looking into it.

So that’s why you’re asking, ‘Will we make Oculus Rift available on the Mac?’

We are definitely working on that.

But no, we won’t make it a standalone experience.

Is there a plan to bring other platforms to Oculus Rift?

There are a few things that are going to happen in the future that we are talking about.

First of it is that all of your content will be there.

So if you have a VR headset, you can play your games on the

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