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Posted October 27, 2018 07:00:30This is how you can be a real troll in video games, as seen in a series of videos from some of the developers of the game, Assassin’s Creed.

The games featured in the series are “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations”, “Assassins Creed: The Black Flag”, “The Lost Legacy”, and “The Ancient Order”.

While these games aren’t considered mainstream video games by any means, there’s an element of truth to the trolling being done by the developers, and the players, in the videos.

The videos feature a number of gamers in the game world discussing the game and discussing various topics.

In one video, a developer says, “I’m not trying to insult you or make fun of you, I just want to make you aware that Assassin’s is a video-game, it’s a real world.”

This is a statement that’s clearly taken as a challenge by the players of the video game, and one that’s often followed up with the developer, “Yeah, but I’m a real gamer.

I like playing games.”

The developer also goes on to say, “It’s not like you’re going to see me on TV and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been playing Assassin’s for a year.’

We’re going for a very personal experience with the game.”

Another developer goes on, “You’re not going to be able to find me in a booth with a camera because I’m not going there to show you how to play.”

In the other video, one developer discusses the game’s social aspect.

He says, “[Assassin] has this amazing social aspect, it can feel really intimate and you can get to know your friends in a very real way.”

The games are, of course, aimed at adults, but some of these developers also take it further, making fun of the player’s sexuality.

In “Assasins Creed Origins”, one developer makes fun of players having sex in their video game.

“I don’t know how many women are going to play this game,” he says.

“I don, too.

I mean, I don’t really know, but it’s funny to hear a guy like that.”

In one of the more bizarre videos, one of these developer’s makes fun and crude jokes about people who have tattoos.

“Are you trying to be funny or are you just making fun?” he says, before going on to suggest that tattoos are actually the sign of being a gay man.

The developer then makes fun about people being transgender, mocking the trans community.

“It feels like a joke.

It feels like trans people are a joke,” he explains.

“You guys are not trans people, you’re just like, we’re trans people.

I guess we’re just making jokes about the people who are.”

Another video features a developer who uses an anti-gay slur, making a joke about a man who has a girlfriend.

“She’s hot,” he remarks.

“They’ve been together for a long time.”

In another video, another developer makes a joke, referencing the gay community, in which he says that gay men are “fags.”

The developer then jokes that the man’s girlfriend was just a “fag.”

In this video, he even calls out a player for using the term “faggot” to describe a player.

The video is quite funny in itself, but when you combine it with the video itself, it becomes rather disturbing.

In the video, the developer asks the player if he likes playing the game “a lot,” to which the player replies, “No.”

The video ends with a developer telling the player to “get over yourself.”

The player is then told to “go away,” before being told that “you’re not welcome” and that the game will be “replay banned.”

The developers response is: “Sorry, no.”

In both videos, the player is repeatedly told that the “game will be replay banned,” but the developers have no idea how the game is going to work out.

In both cases, the video ends without a player being able to play the game again.

These videos are just a sampling of the trolling and comments that developers make about the game.

One of the worst offenders, for instance, made the following comment about the player who played the game:”You’re gonna be a dick and I don:t want that, so please, just leave me alone.”

“If you wanna get a good time, then you’ll have to play it with your partner.

And if you wanna have sex with your girlfriend, you better be careful because it’s going to end up in a threesome.”

This is clearly a response to the player playing the video.

This video clearly shows that this developer does not care that the player has an opinion about the video or the game at all.

He also clearly says that “if you wanna be a good player, you gotta play the video with

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