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Cover letter is the official communication issued by the parent or legal guardian of a child, a court, or a state agency.

This letter provides details of the child’s needs, provides information about the child, and sets forth the childs legal rights and responsibilities.

Cover letter also outlines the rights and duties of the person writing the letter and provides information regarding the child(ren).

Most people receive their cover letter at least once.

But there are a few circumstances in which it is important for you to contact a child care provider before you make a referral.

This article provides information on some of the specific situations you may find yourself in.

Before You Write Your Cover Letter Your child needs a caretaker.

The best way to find a childcare provider is to call one of the following toll-free numbers to check for the availability of a particular location: 1-800-HELP (1-800.273.8255) and 1-866-622-3939.

Children who are older than five are eligible for a free referral.

Contact these numbers and request the free referral from the person on the line: 1-(800)-928-7888.

For children aged 5 to 11, 1-(866) 821-3771.

Children aged 12 to 17, call 1-(888) 823-5131.

If you need a referral from a parent or guardian, the following are some important points to remember: You must complete a child’s name, date of birth, and address.

The person will then need to complete a letter of recommendation and provide information about how the child can receive care, or will receive care.

If the child is older than 5 years old, the person will need to write to the child in person or by telephone.

The letter of recommendations will also need to include a statement that the person has the authority to make the referral.

Your letter will need the child to sign.

Your child will receive a copy of your letter and a copy that the letter was not returned.

If your child is younger than 5, your child will need a letter from a child protective service.

This will be provided by the local child protective agency.

You will receive an email notification of the referral, and a link to your child’s website.

If someone from your child care agency does not reach you, call the local agency.

A referral is a voluntary process.

You can revoke the referral at any time.

A child care or day care provider does not need to know that your child has been referred to them.

Your referral will not be denied or refused unless the person who receives your letter fails to follow the instructions of the letter.

For more information on the Child Care and Day Care Rebate Program, call 800-928, or visit www.govt.gc.ca/fraud/cbp.

For tips on filing a fraudulent tax return, visit www,govt-fraud-tax-filing.gc-tourism.ca.

To find a day care or childcare provider in your area, call your local child care center.

For information on getting a tax refund, visit the Tax-Free Kids Online page.

To learn more about the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, call toll-bollies at 1-877-947-3300.

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