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Starbucks is in the midst of a $7 billion restructuring effort, but the coffee chain is struggling to convince investors that it’s really succeeding.

And some investors are not convinced that the company’s current strategy is working.

The company has been facing scrutiny for months over a series of lackluster sales growth, lackluster revenue growth and the company being short on cash.

But the company has long maintained that it has been doing fine.

The coffee chain’s chief executive officer recently announced that Starbucks would invest $100 million in a $30 million digital accelerator, as part of a plan to build a digital ecosystem.

And the company is investing in more than 50 startups and has launched a new digital initiative to create a new “community for everyone.”

Starbucks’ turnaround strategy, however, has been under scrutiny, with some investors questioning whether the company can make the investments it needs to stay competitive.

Here are five reasons why Starbucks needs to be a leader in digital economy.


The $30M Deal Starbucks has made $2.3 billion in digital investments in the past two years.

It’s been a risky bet, with the company struggling to attract investors to its stock in recent years, according to analysts.

That led to a slew of bad investments that led to the stock’s downfall.

In the last quarter, Starbucks reported that its sales fell for six consecutive quarters.

And while its revenue was up by 1.2 percent, it still fell more than $5 billion short of its earnings targets.

Investors were left wondering whether Starbucks had made the right bet.

But it appears the company saw an opportunity.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently announced a new $30 billion investment in its digital economy initiative, which is aimed at helping startups like Starbucks grow and improve their businesses.

The deal comes after Starbucks made a similar $1.3bn investment in a digital accelerator.

Starbucks is also looking to raise another $30-million to $50-million from investors over the next few years.


Starbucks needs a new CEO to guide it through the coming years.

A lot of the company was left scratching its head after the company failed to make progress in the last couple of quarters.

But there’s one thing that has not changed: Starbucks is running out of cash.

The board recently voted to restructure the company and cut 10,000 jobs in the next three months.

The changes include: closing stores; cutting costs; and slashing revenue.

And there’s a lot of pressure on Starbucks CEO to step up to the plate.

It will be a huge change for the company to cut its staff and raise money again.

Starbucks’ biggest competitors in the fast-food space, like McDonald’s and Burger King, have already made big investments in their own digital economy initiatives.

The only thing holding back Starbucks is the company hasn’t been able to make any of the investments that it needs.


Starbucks has been slow to invest in digital startups.

Starbucks only announced a $1 billion investment last month in a new online-only store called Starbucks Coffee.

And when it announced a deal to open a new cafe in New York City, it left investors scratching their heads.

But Schultz said that the deal was a “preview of the next phase.”

And he has continued to invest heavily in startups in the coming months.

Starbucks plans to invest another $2 billion in a number of initiatives, including a new initiative that will launch a new community for everyone.

Starbucks will also expand its digital offerings, including offering digital access to its store experience and launching a new program to provide more opportunities for employees to grow their businesses through their own projects.


Starbucks doesn’t have enough cash to continue its digital transformation.

Starbucks currently has $2,000 million in cash on hand, according the company.

It has about $2 million in debt.

But some analysts have questioned how much the company should have.

In a recent earnings report, Schultz announced that he is reducing the size of Starbucks’ cash position by 30 percent, which could mean that it would be a lot harder to raise additional funding.

The problem is that Starbucks is relying on a combination of cash and debt to fund its initiatives.

For example, it has an existing $500 million debt, which means it’s going to need to find additional funding in the future to cover the $1,000-million in new investments that the $2-billion investment will require.

Starbucks also needs to invest more than it has in cash to grow its business.

In 2016, Starbucks invested $3.8 billion in new technology and services to improve the way it serves customers, which includes a $2 per person coffee plan.

And that investment was a success, as Starbucks saw sales grow by 7 percent.

The reason Starbucks has not been able or willing to invest this much money in its business is because the company only has $1 million in the bank.

The other way to look at it is that the amount of money Starbucks needs is a result of the way that it is structured.

In order to survive,

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