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By now, you’ve probably heard about how Microsoft recently asked a bunch of small-business owners to stop selling their Xbox One consoles for Windows 10.

The Xbox One is the company’s answer to the PS4, which, in theory, is the best console of the bunch.

It offers all the features and benefits of a PS4 (the console’s only limitation is the amount of memory you can play at once) and offers a much higher price point.

And if you’re a small business, this is a huge deal.

Small businesses typically have less than $1 million in revenue, and even small-to-medium businesses (like ours) might be left with only $50,000 to invest in their hardware.

This isn’t just a Microsoft problem, either.

According to a new report from research firm Gartner, there are more than 200 million small- and medium-sized businesses in the US alone.

This means that, if your business sells hardware to consumers, you’re probably not going to be able to afford to spend your hard-earned cash on software.

Gartners researchers found that over half of these small- to medium-size businesses either can’t afford to purchase software or have to go without it.

This is especially true if your company sells hardware that is built on Windows 10 and isn’t compatible with other platforms.

The problem is that it’s hard to say how many small- or medium-to to big-businesses are actually able to make the switch to Windows 10 in the next few years.

That’s because there’s no official “Microsoft Windows 10 support plan” for small businesses.

According the company, the vast majority of small businesses who can’t get their hardware on the new platform are simply out of luck.

“Small businesses are experiencing a lot of challenges as a result of Microsoft’s support for Windows 8,” Garteners researchers write.

“For example, many small businesses rely on third-party products, such as Windows 8.1, to support their business.”

If you’re unsure how to get started, Gartener recommends contacting your local Microsoft sales team.

There’s a ton of information out there for small business owners who want to get into Windows 10, and it’s easy to find the most popular guides.

GARTNER says that Microsoft has been working with small business sales teams to create a support plan, but it’s not clear when or how it will be available.

And even if your small business can’t buy the hardware itself, you might want to consider switching to Windows.

If you’ve been struggling with a Windows-compatible PC, you can always upgrade to Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise.

If the only way to get Windows 10 on your PC is to buy a new PC, it’s worth considering buying an old PC.

That way, you don’t have to worry about the Windows 10 upgrade every year.

If that’s not an option, there’s one way to take full advantage of Windows 10: upgrade your entire company.

If your business doesn’t have a large hardware budget, you may want to look into buying a cloud-based service.

Cloud-based services let you run Windows and other apps across multiple machines, and they’re free for the entire company to use.

The service might be the only option if your software isn’t working well with other systems or the company isn’t ready to go with Windows.

In short, there aren’t any simple or straightforward steps to getting Windows 10 for your business, but if you can get it for your company, it could be worth the investment.

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