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By Chris Herhalt, ESPN Staff WriterNew York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. says he’s not sure what the league will do with his contract if the team loses its appeal.

He says the league’s stance with regard to the deal, which was announced in September, is that he can stay with the team as long as the team agrees to make a change.

The deal was for four years, with $28 million guaranteed.

Beckham is due to make $10 million in salary this season.

He’s also expected to receive $12 million in incentives, which would come out to about $9.5 million a year for his four-year, $27 million deal.

Beckons agent, Scott Boras, says he doesn’t know how the league would approach this situation.

Boras said he has spoken to Beckham about the matter, but that no resolution has been reached.

If the Giants are awarded a stay, they’ll have to meet the minimum salary requirement of $1.5-million per season, which includes incentives.

Boras said the Giants have a solid plan for Beckham if the situation comes to that point, even if it’s not necessarily a guaranteed outcome.

If that’s the case, Boras said he hopes that Beckham stays, though he acknowledges the Giants might be in a tough spot if the Giants fail to reach a deal with him.

He said he’s hoping to see a “fair and reasonable offer” come out of the league and that it would be good for the team if it did.

Borsas said that while Beckham’s agent, Ben LaBounty, has said the player would like to play, that hasn’t happened.

He said he would be happy to talk to the team and see what the situation is, but he hasn’t seen any offer yet.

Beckams agent, Rick Schiano, said he hasn to see the offer from the Giants, but said he expects the Giants to meet its minimum salary.

Beckers agent, Joe Banner, said the team hasn’t made an offer and has not talked to the players.

Beckamp’s agent has not returned messages seeking comment.

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