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IGN is happy to report that IGN is currently working on a new series titled “Welder” and that it will premiere on February 25, 2019.

The new series will be written by the writer/director of “Weiner” and features new cast members including actress Sarah Michelle Gellar as the titular character.

IGN is also excited to announce that the series will feature “weird and fun” content.

“Welder is a new, original, independent TV series from IGN and we are thrilled to be partnering with the talented team behind it,” IGN president Rob Thomas said in a press release.

“Sarah Michelle Gellars amazing voice and unique storytelling abilities have been honed over the years to create a compelling new TV show with a unique and fresh take on the genre.”

The show will also be produced by the same studio behind “We’re the Millers” and will be produced on a brand new show day, Wednesday, February 25.

The show is described as follows: “When the world’s most notorious Welder breaks into the city of Springfield to take a job as a welder, the townspeople have a hard time believing that he is really the person who built the machine.

But when a young girl named Maggie (Sarah Michelle) begins to question her teacher’s work, the world can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the Welder than meets the eye.

With an equally powerful Welder behind her, Maggie is determined to uncover the truth.”

As for the new cast, Gellar will play the title role of Maggie, a young, up-and-coming young woman who is being treated as a liability by the community.

The cast will also include Gellar’s co-star Adam Baldwin as Welder, with Katee Sackhoff as the welder’s best friend.

Also returning for the show are Aaron McGruder as the Weiler, Matt Walsh as the mechanic, Adam Sandler as the town’s resident Weiler and a host of other characters, including an older Weiler’s daughter, Maggie.

IGN also has a list of upcoming shows in development, and you can watch a sneak peek at some of those shows below.

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